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Happily Ever After
Romance Readers Are Passionate
The Ex Lottery Hits Top 100 in Free Amazon Kindle Bestsellers and Top 10 in Contemporary Romance!
Everybody Needs a Little Romance
2012 SC Book Festival Romance Panel Author

Happily Ever After

deskportrait2aWelcome to my writing corner. I just added a new sign for inspiration. Actually, I bought this sign to use as decoration for my daughter’s wedding. It was a hit and now it is the perfect decoration for my writer’s corner. I’m hoping she doesn’t read this and swipe it off my wall for her own home décor.


As I write my romance stories, I often look out the open window in front of my desk. Now when I glance up to rest my eyes, this sign reminds me why I write. Everyone deserves a Happily Ever After. It also pushes me forward when I get stuck in the middle. I think most authors get stuck in the middle. So I’ll read this sign to remind myself what is waiting for my characters if I’ll just pull them out of the middle muck. I’m seriously considering buying a second sign just like this one to hang on my porch—my other office.

Romance Readers Are Passionate

I follow several romance writers on Facebook author pages who take time out of their busy writing days to say hi to the readers or answer a quickNoraRoberts question. If you have any doubt that romance novel readers love the stories and characters, you should read the recent back-and-forth passionate comments readers posted on the JD Robb (one of Nora Roberts’ pseudonyms) Facebook page when one reader suggested Nora give her characters Eve and Roarke a baby. (See some commentary at fallintothestory.com.) Nora has not given this fictitious couple a baby because… quite frankly, it doesn’t matter why. It’s her story. Her writing. And it is a great story or the readers wouldn’t be so involved in the characters’ life decisions.

To me, Nora is the best romance writer in the business. Her books are my go-to choice. And there are plenty of her characters that have babies if that’s what you want to read. Nora’s books make me happy. Had a bad day, read a Nora. Head spinning with worries, read a Nora. Work week from hell, read a Nora and add a glass of wine. There is a Nora for every mood, and I am always amazed at her unending flow of stories and characters and happily-ever-afters. Don’t misunderstand me, I read lots of books by many authors. But Nora remains my favorite.

This amazingly prolific writer has so many readers, she doesn’t need to promote her books or take time to answer questions. The books advertise themselves. All the book needs is her name on the cover and I’ll buy it. I often buy the paperback and the ebook. I, for one, am happy she takes the time to address readers’ concerns, but I’m glad the majority of her time is spent creating new worlds so I can escape my next bad day.

Let me add that Nora Roberts is as kind to writers as to readers. I met her at a Romance Writers’ convention, and in our twenty-second encounter, she congratulated me on my novel, wished me well, and signed a book for my daughter.

The Ex Lottery Hits Top 100 in Free Amazon Kindle Bestsellers and Top 10 in Contemporary Romance!


It has been an amazing two days!  Readers continue to download THE EX LOTTERY as part of a four-day free Kindle promotion on Amazon. Thank you to all the romance readers who selected my book as their next read. I hope it is the perfect book for your weekend entertainment.

This afternoon, THE EX LOTTERY moved up in the Amazon Bestseller Rankings to place #58 in free books in the Amazon Kindle Store, #8 in Contemporary Romance, and #20 in Contemporary.

The promotion continues through Sunday so I hope you’ll tell your friends.  Download your copy here!



scfrippmarinaHDRa Have you noticed that my novels are all based near the sea? One day, I may dare to write a landlocked novel, but not just yet. I love the sea and I spend a lot of time hanging out with my characters in their settings. I’m working on the sequels to Shades of Gray.  These two romantic suspense novels have to be written.  Abby and Maggie deserve their Happily Ever After, don’t they?

Abby’s story takes place in Savannah, Georgia, and Maggie is back on that small island off the coast of South Carolina where you first met Sam. I do find myself distracted from writing as a walk with my camera, but it does keep my imagination moving forward and I get to post a photo every now and then.

Everybody Needs a Little Romance

Are you directionally challenged? I believe the GPS was invented just for me, but I still manage to get lost. Join me on June 1st and tell me about your sense of direction on Everybody Needs A Little Romance.

Everybody Needs A Little Romance is a blog hosted by several romance writers who talk to their readers about their everyday lives. Occasionally, the authors invite a “guest romantic” to participate. I have the honor on June 1st. Hope to see you there.

2012 SC Book Festival Romance Panel Author

2012 SC Book Festival

May 18-20th

Columbia, South Carolina


I’m excited to be a panel member at the 2012 SC Book Festival, May 18-20, at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.  The event features over 70 award-winning authors, an array of exhibitors, and fantastic presentations. It should be a wonderful event for both readers and authors.

I plan to attend Pat Conroy’s  keynote presentation and visit Cocky’s Reading Express booth. On Sunday at noon, I will be participating on a romance panel along with fellow award-winning romance writers Kieran Kramer and Rae Renzi, as well as moderator Paula Benson.  A book signing follows the presentation.

I hope to see you there!

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