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Romance Readers Are Passionate

Romance Readers Are Passionate

I follow several romance writers on Facebook author pages who take time out of their busy writing days to say hi to the readers or answer a quickNoraRoberts question. If you have any doubt that romance novel readers love the stories and characters, you should read the recent back-and-forth passionate comments readers posted on the JD Robb (one of Nora Roberts’ pseudonyms) Facebook page when one reader suggested Nora give her characters Eve and Roarke a baby. (See some commentary at fallintothestory.com.) Nora has not given this fictitious couple a baby because… quite frankly, it doesn’t matter why. It’s her story. Her writing. And it is a great story or the readers wouldn’t be so involved in the characters’ life decisions.

To me, Nora is the best romance writer in the business. Her books are my go-to choice. And there are plenty of her characters that have babies if that’s what you want to read. Nora’s books make me happy. Had a bad day, read a Nora. Head spinning with worries, read a Nora. Work week from hell, read a Nora and add a glass of wine. There is a Nora for every mood, and I am always amazed at her unending flow of stories and characters and happily-ever-afters. Don’t misunderstand me, I read lots of books by many authors. But Nora remains my favorite.

This amazingly prolific writer has so many readers, she doesn’t need to promote her books or take time to answer questions. The books advertise themselves. All the book needs is her name on the cover and I’ll buy it. I often buy the paperback and the ebook. I, for one, am happy she takes the time to address readers’ concerns, but I’m glad the majority of her time is spent creating new worlds so I can escape my next bad day.

Let me add that Nora Roberts is as kind to writers as to readers. I met her at a Romance Writers’ convention, and in our twenty-second encounter, she congratulated me on my novel, wished me well, and signed a book for my daughter.

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