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Have You Seen My Rings?
Disney Dishes

Have You Seen My Rings?

I decided to make this the week of lost things. I’ll confess—my reading glasses are not the only things I lose. I have lost my wedding rings. No, not once—many times. Luckily, I’ve always found them.

I know. A wedding ring is supposed to be a sign of commitment and love. Some women never remove their rings. But I’ve never liked wearing rings. It’s uncomfortable to wear a piece of metal around a finger. So I tend to take them off when I get home. The trouble is I never seem to remember where I put them.

This bad habit dates back to my first year of marriage. I’d take off my rings when I got home, and the next day I was yelling “Marco?” but never hearing the responding “Polo.” It would often take me a couple of days to remember where I had left the rings, and I’d hope my husband didn’t notice. But apparently he did.

One month, I looked for weeks and couldn’t find the rings. I searched all the normal spots—the fireplace mantel, the bedside table, the kitchen windowsill, the mug with all my pens/pencils. No luck. So I finally confessed to my husband.


Paul, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’ve lost my wedding rings?”


   “Two weeks ago. I’ve looked everywhere.”


He went over to his dresser, opened the top drawer, and reached under some papers, then held out my rings.

   “These rings?”

   “You’ve had them all along?”

   “I wanted to see how long it would take you to admit you lost them.”


But this little experiment may have backfired. Now, every time I lose my rings or my glasses, I accuse him of hiding them and I don’t stop nagging until he helps me search the house. After all, two searching is better than one.

Disney Dishes

Do you have objects around your house that paint a story in your head? I ran across these old bowls in my house—bowls with a story.


disneydishesMy husband and I met as undergrads in North Carolina. We decided to go to Disney for our first spring break together. Now, Paul had been telling me since the first week we met that I would marry him if he asked, but he wasn’t going to ask. I always told him I’d say no—arrogant, good-looking fella.


Off we go to Disney about nine months after we met and what do we do—we pick out dishes together and buy them because we both love them. While in the Wonderful World of Disney, I’m still saying I won’t marry him and he’s still saying I would if he asked but he’s not asking. So why did we buy dishes together? Well, we both thought they were perfect and maybe, one day, we might end up together and it’d be a shame not to have these perfect dishes. We married thirteen months after we first met, and we’ve been married thirty-six years.

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