The Ex Lottery – Now Available

The Ex Lottery is now available for your Kindle or in paperback.

The Ex Lottery by Kim Sanders

THREE EX-BOYFRIENDS, ONE GORGEOUS IRISHMAN, AND A CASTLE. From the author of “Shades of Gray” comes the story of a lonely art teacher who is unlucky in love but lucky in numbers. In Kim Sanders’ new contemporary romance, “The Ex Lottery,” art teacher Tory Adams has loved three times—and been dumped three times. On a whim, she buys a lottery ticket using the dates her ex-boyfriends dumped her. And wins. With her newfound pot of gold, Tory travels to Ireland determined to buy a new home and a new beginning. Growing up, Tory listened to her grandmother spin magical tales of an Irish castle on Dragon’s Isle. Tory decides to buy in that very castle. But with money, comes complications and a new chance at love. Tory soon finds romance at every turn. First, a handsome Irishman appears followed by a trio of men all vying for her love. All Tory has ever wanted is love, home, and family. But now she must decide—do the men love her or are they simply romancing the numbers?

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