Thanks to the 49,000

Forty-nine has been my favorite number since my brother began calling me 49. The reason? I was an awkward, skinny kid and weighed only 49 pounds for a ridiculously long time. For years, my big brother told anyone who would listen that I weighed only 49 pounds—long after I’d passed that threshold. He thought it was hilarious; I was mortified. With time, the number name became one of affection. I still sign my letters to him with a 49.

This weekend, 49,000 became my new favorite number—though I don’t think I’ll adopt it as my new name. In just five days, over 49,000 people downloaded my novel Shades of Gray, bumping it to Number One on the Amazon Best Sellers in free Kindle ebooks and Number One in paid Romantic Suspense ebooks.

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