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Disney Dishes

Disney Dishes

Do you have objects around your house that paint a story in your head? I ran across these old bowls in my house—bowls with a story.


disneydishesMy husband and I met as undergrads in North Carolina. We decided to go to Disney for our first spring break together. Now, Paul had been telling me since the first week we met that I would marry him if he asked, but he wasn’t going to ask. I always told him I’d say no—arrogant, good-looking fella.


Off we go to Disney about nine months after we met and what do we do—we pick out dishes together and buy them because we both love them. While in the Wonderful World of Disney, I’m still saying I won’t marry him and he’s still saying I would if he asked but he’s not asking. So why did we buy dishes together? Well, we both thought they were perfect and maybe, one day, we might end up together and it’d be a shame not to have these perfect dishes. We married thirteen months after we first met, and we’ve been married thirty-six years.

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