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The Wonderful World of “What If?”


pumpkinSince writing The Ex Lottery, I’m a little obsessed with all things Irish, but I was surprised when I started looking up Halloween stories that might interest my readers.

Did you know that by some accounts the tradition of carving a jack-o’-lantern on Halloween originated in Ireland? The Irish carved grotesque faces into turnips and beets.  Our neighborhood sticks to carving pumpkins, but those pumpkins greet an amazing number of Irish descendants.

The Irish Travelers live just outside my town’s city limits in Murphy’s Village. They spare no expense dressing their children for this special night. So tonight, I’ll be sitting on a neighborhood porch with friends handing out thousands of pieces of candy treats to the long lines of goblins, princes, and super heroes.

The Wonderful World of “What If?”

lotteryblogThe Wonderful World of “What If?”   On a daily basis, I see something or hear a portion of a conversation and my mind takes off to the Wonderful World of “What If?” I wrote my latest novel, “The Ex Lottery” after just such a “What-If?” moment.  My imaginary world happens to involve lots of love, fairy tales, and happily ever afters.

Join me Friday on October 10th at the website Everybody Needs A Little Romance and we can discuss whether or not you ever experience such “What-If?” moments.

Best-selling romantic suspense author Donnell Ann Bell honored me with the request to write a short blog for the website Everybody Needs A Little Romance then to stick around and answer your questions. Can’t wait to hear those questions. And you’ll love the website. It’s a romance readers road map to great fiction. When you visit, check out The Romantics, they are all award winning authors who are the primary bloggers on the site. A treasure map to romance.

See you in the virtual blogging world on Friday.

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