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Coppertone – The Perfect Cologne
Spinning Tales

Coppertone – The Perfect Cologne

I love the Low Country beaches of South Carolina.  There is just something about the salt air and the sound of the surf that makes me happy.  When I develop writer’s block, I hop in the car and drive non-stop to the beach.  My car is like a horse headed to the barn when I point it east.

My husband often says that the beach heals me.  What can I say?  The beach is my heaven on earth.  The tingle of dried sea salt on my skin, warm sand beneath my toes, and a splash of Coppertone to mingle with the ocean breeze.  Heaven.  A simple walk on the beach and I’m writing again.

Spinning Tales

Have you ever wondered how an author comes up with story ideas?  For me it’s a simple observation.  I see or hear something, and a tale begins spinning in my head.  What if?  I love that question.  I was sitting on my porch trying to plot my next romantic suspense and feeling stuck.  I knew I needed to write a sequel to Shades of Gray.  I love writing suspense.  But I was distracted.

I reached for one of my reference books and noticed I’d used a losing lottery ticket as a bookmark – I believe in recycling.  Studying the ticket, I thought about a conversation I’d had with my daughter the previous night.  She was giving up on men – dogs were more reliable.  She was buying her own home and returning for a second graduate degree.  What if?

I stared at the lottery ticket and wondered what her life would be like if she won the millions for a dollar investment.  And The Ex Lottery was created.  I’m happy to say the book itself has nothing to do with her life, but I thank her for her frustration that day because it sparked my imagination.

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