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The Ex Lottery Hits Top 100 in Free Contemporary Romance on Amazon!
Free on Kindle November 13-16th!
Hello World
The Wonderful World of “What If?”
Coppertone – The Perfect Cologne

The Ex Lottery Hits Top 100 in Free Contemporary Romance on Amazon!

Thanks to all the readers who have downloaded my book this morning. The Ex Lottery is now in the top 100 of Amazon free Bestsellers for Contemporary Romance. 

If you have not gotten your copy yet you can grab it by clicking on the link below!

The Ex Lottery—Free on Kindle—November 13-16th.






Today, I’m joining Donnell Bell at to answer a few questions about my latest novel. Come join the conversation.


And while you’re there, answer a question for me. I’m asking readers this: What man/actor would you like to meet in an Irish bar and how would you convince him to remove his shirt? Can’t wait to hear from you.

Download Your Free Copy of The Ex Lottery Here!

In the meantime, here’s a quick peek into The Ex Lottery when Tory steps into a pub in Dublin:

SHANE SPOTTED HER THE INSTANT she stepped into the dark pub. ……

He smiled, a slow upward grin, and rose to claim her before the six men who had swiveled on their bar stools could beat him to it.

Leanan sidhe,” Shane exhaled under his breath as he approached her.

Tory frowned. “No, it’s Tory.”

Amused, Shane pointed to the back of the bar, careful not to touch her this time. “I remember. My table’s in the corner.”

Tory hesitated, but Shane had already claimed her bag and was walking toward a dark table nestled in the back of the pub. She took in her surroundings, her eyes drawn to the massive, intricately carved bar. The wood was rich and dark, but the back wall was all mirrors.  It reflected the endless rows of pure, clear glasses. The glass sparkled, spinning off images of transparent blue fairies flying in and out of a translucent sea. She took one step forward, but stopped when a voice from the right shouted at her.

“Yeo, girlie!” a patron shouted, wobbling on top of the farthest barstool. Her eyes shifted away from the magic to focus on the man with short red curls, freckles, and a neck thicker than her thigh. “Don’t be wasting your time on that sod. He’ll just break your wee little heart. Come have a pint of the Black Stuff with me.”

“Shut your gob, Neil. The girl’s not after finding a lad in his pints,” the bartender stated.

“I’m not after anyone,” Tory piped in, “just a decent meal.”

“Ahhh, B’Jaysis, and American too! Listen to that lovely drawl,” Neil sighed, and the room erupted in mirth and bawdy comments.

THE EX LOTTERY by Kim Sanders

Free on Kindle November 13th  – 16th 

Download Your Free Copy of The Ex Lottery Here!

Free on Kindle November 13-16th!

kindle The upcoming Thanksgiving holidays have put me in a giving mood.  For four days, you can download the Kindle version of The Ex Lottery for free! Download your copy here!  Spread the word!


Don’t have a Kindle? You can download the Kindle Reading App on most computers, tablets and smartphones.  Download the Kindle Reading App Here!


You are just a click away from a light-hearted romance set in Ireland!












Hello World

heronAs a writer, I try to be observant. Write what I see, describing with just enough detail that the reader sees what the characters see. Sometimes the scenes fly to me—especially on Fripp Island.

One afternoon, I was sitting in my favorite chair chatting on the phone when I heard something outside. Since my family room is three stories up, I was more than a little curious about my visitor. And luckily my camera was not far from my chair. This Great Blue Heron stopped to admire my view. Well, hello world!


scfrippmarinaHDRa Have you noticed that my novels are all based near the sea? One day, I may dare to write a landlocked novel, but not just yet. I love the sea and I spend a lot of time hanging out with my characters in their settings. I’m working on the sequels to Shades of Gray.  These two romantic suspense novels have to be written.  Abby and Maggie deserve their Happily Ever After, don’t they?

Abby’s story takes place in Savannah, Georgia, and Maggie is back on that small island off the coast of South Carolina where you first met Sam. I do find myself distracted from writing as a walk with my camera, but it does keep my imagination moving forward and I get to post a photo every now and then.


pumpkinSince writing The Ex Lottery, I’m a little obsessed with all things Irish, but I was surprised when I started looking up Halloween stories that might interest my readers.

Did you know that by some accounts the tradition of carving a jack-o’-lantern on Halloween originated in Ireland? The Irish carved grotesque faces into turnips and beets.  Our neighborhood sticks to carving pumpkins, but those pumpkins greet an amazing number of Irish descendants.

The Irish Travelers live just outside my town’s city limits in Murphy’s Village. They spare no expense dressing their children for this special night. So tonight, I’ll be sitting on a neighborhood porch with friends handing out thousands of pieces of candy treats to the long lines of goblins, princes, and super heroes.

The Wonderful World of “What If?”

lotteryblogThe Wonderful World of “What If?”   On a daily basis, I see something or hear a portion of a conversation and my mind takes off to the Wonderful World of “What If?” I wrote my latest novel, “The Ex Lottery” after just such a “What-If?” moment.  My imaginary world happens to involve lots of love, fairy tales, and happily ever afters.

Join me Friday on October 10th at the website Everybody Needs A Little Romance and we can discuss whether or not you ever experience such “What-If?” moments.

Best-selling romantic suspense author Donnell Ann Bell honored me with the request to write a short blog for the website Everybody Needs A Little Romance then to stick around and answer your questions. Can’t wait to hear those questions. And you’ll love the website. It’s a romance readers road map to great fiction. When you visit, check out The Romantics, they are all award winning authors who are the primary bloggers on the site. A treasure map to romance.

See you in the virtual blogging world on Friday.


Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 8.28.27 PM

“A light, uplifting romance that’s equal parts comedy, fairy tale and travelogue.”

Kirkus Reviews


The reviews are in—well, one important review. Kirkus Reviews reviewed my second novel, The Ex Lottery, and selected the contemporary romance as Today’s Featured Indie Book Review on the website


For those of you who are not familiar with Kirkus Reviews, you may not understand my excitement. Kirkus Reviews has a reputation for honesty and integrity that dates back 80 years. Virginia Kirkus was a woman ahead of her time. She started the business during the Great Depression. She was told she would fail, but she created a fabulous business that succeeded against all odds. Sounds like a heroine in a romance novel, doesn’t she?


For the complete history of Kirkus Reviews, check out the website. Or if you just want an honest review on a book, go to the website. I always read the company’s reviews of current bestsellers and then I flip to the list of romance novel reviews.


If you have a chance, check out the review of my novel at  and if you need a fun beach read, you can actually read my book for free on AmazonPrime. I’d love to read your review too.

Coppertone – The Perfect Cologne

I love the Low Country beaches of South Carolina.  There is just something about the salt air and the sound of the surf that makes me happy.  When I develop writer’s block, I hop in the car and drive non-stop to the beach.  My car is like a horse headed to the barn when I point it east.

My husband often says that the beach heals me.  What can I say?  The beach is my heaven on earth.  The tingle of dried sea salt on my skin, warm sand beneath my toes, and a splash of Coppertone to mingle with the ocean breeze.  Heaven.  A simple walk on the beach and I’m writing again.

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