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The Ex Lottery is a 2016 Kindle Book Award Semi-Finalist
Winner, NECRWA Readers’ Choice Award
Have You Written a Romance Novel? Check Out This Contest.
Stiletto Contest Winner – Twice!
Stiletto Contest Finalist – Twice!

The Ex Lottery is a 2016 Kindle Book Award Semi-Finalist

The Ex Lottery is a 2016 Kindle Book Award Semi-Finalist in Romance. I’m excited to be among the group of authors competing for this award. The winners will be announced in November. I’ll keep you up-to-date….If I remember to blog. I admit, I’ve been a bit distracted—my first grandchild was born this summer. And she’s gorgeous, of course, and very distracting.

Winner, NECRWA Readers’ Choice Award

What an amazing way to end my birthday month. (Birthdays are celebrated for a month, right?) THE EX LOTTERY won first place in the New England Readers’ Choice Awards for long contemporary romance. The New England Chapter of the Romance Writers of America (NECRWA) sponsored the competition and announced the winners Saturday morning during the 2015 Let Your Imagination Take Flight awards banquet in Burlington, MA.

And THE EX LOTTERY won! See a list of all the winners and finalists at

I missed the conference. I was attending another meeting in Asheville, North Carolina, that had been scheduled a year earlier. But I kept up with the events on social media.  Since I knew my novel was a finalist in the Readers’ Choice awards, I mentioned it to a few of my closest friends at breakfast Saturday morning.  At noon, I rushed back to my room to check my email and twitter, but no announcements. I grabbed a sweater too. (I dressed for the Low Country, not the mountains. Who knew April could be cold?)

At our late lunch, my friends asked, “Did you win?” And I admitted that I’d not received an announcement so I thought—probably not. But I was still happy. After all, I was a finalist with authors like RITA winner Nancy  Herkness and USA Today Bestseller Sophie Moss. And the NECRWA is the RWA chapter that boasts Kristan Higgins as a member. So being a finalist was almost as wonderful as winning—almost.

Saturday night, I went to the Asheville banquet. My husband and I danced and laughed with all our wonderful friends. A wild turkey even snuck up to see what all the fuss was about when we stepped outside for a moment. And we shared a little bread for all her trouble.

When my husband and I returned to our hotel room, I decided to check my email one last time. And there it was—an email congratulating me for winning. I may or may not have done a small happy dance in my pajamas—and it had nothing to do with the fact that I had finished off three glasses of wine at the dinner-dance. I was just still in dance mode. My husband offered to take me to a local bar for a celebratory drink—to drag our friends out again—but three glasses of wine is two passed my limit. So I posted on social media and pulled up the latest Nora Roberts on my Kindle to celebrate my new career success doing what I love best—reading romance.

Thanks again, readers. It’s wonderful when reviewers and critics praise a book, but to a writer, the most important opinion is that of a reader.

Have You Written a Romance Novel? Check Out This Contest.

Writing a romance novel can have its ups and downs. Some people will love it and others will hate it—just like any other genre. Today, chick lit can be a romance with the traditional happily-ever-after ending or a serious novel where romance is just a small part of the story.  I prefer the happily-ever-after. Actually, I read a great variety of chick lit, but I always reread the happy stories.

If you’re a chick lit author looking for feedback from people who understand the genre, enter the 8th Annual Get Your Stiletto in the Door Contest. Every entrant receives score sheets from four first-round judges. The score sheets are informative and supportive and will help you refine your manuscript. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to make it to the final round, the sponsor of the contest—ChickLit Writers of the World, an online chapter of Romance Writers of America—has an amazing group of successful agents, editors, and e-publishers who serve as the final round judges. Judges from Penguin, Harlequin, St. Martin’s Press, and Ashley Grayson Literary Agency are just a few of the publishers and agencies represented.

I would recommend the contest to any new writer.

Good luck with your manuscript!

Stiletto Contest Winner – Twice!

A few weeks ago, I announced that I was a finalist in the 2011 Get Your Stiletto in the Door contest. I was thrilled to learn that my recently released novel, Shades of Gray, and my upcoming novel, The Ex Lottery, each won first place in their respective categories in the 2011 Stiletto Contest.

The seventh annual writing contest was sponsored by Chick Lit Writers of the World, an online chapter of Romance Writers of America. The contest offered wonderful detailed feedback and support from authors, agents, and publishers. Being new to the romance-writing field, I entered the contest for the feedback; winning was an unexpected bonus. I want to extend a special thank you to the judges—editor Toni Plummer of St. Martin’s, agent Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency, E-Publisher Kelli Collins of Ellora’s Cave, editor Esi Sogah of Avon, agent Paige Wheeler of Folio Literary Management, and E-Publisher Amanda Bergeron of Avon Impulse. For the full list of winners by category, click here.



Stiletto Contest Finalist – Twice!

7th Annual Get Your Stiletto in the Door Writing Contest

In August, I finished Shades of Gray and started writing my next novel, The Ex Lottery. I was searching the Internet, looking for networking and marketing opportunities, and I noticed a contest offered by Chick Lit Writers of the World. It was a wonderful contest with a wonderful name—Get Your Stiletto in the Door. The contest offered objective feedback from the first-round judges. I entered both books in the contest just before the deadline.

Much to my delight, both books made it to the finals. Not only did I benefit from constructive feedback, but now top agents and publishers are reviewing my entries.

You can see the list of finalists by category here:

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