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The reviews are in!


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“A light, uplifting romance that’s equal parts comedy, fairy tale and travelogue.”

Kirkus Reviews


The reviews are in—well, one important review. Kirkus Reviews reviewed my second novel, The Ex Lottery, and selected the contemporary romance as Today’s Featured Indie Book Review on the website


For those of you who are not familiar with Kirkus Reviews, you may not understand my excitement. Kirkus Reviews has a reputation for honesty and integrity that dates back 80 years. Virginia Kirkus was a woman ahead of her time. She started the business during the Great Depression. She was told she would fail, but she created a fabulous business that succeeded against all odds. Sounds like a heroine in a romance novel, doesn’t she?


For the complete history of Kirkus Reviews, check out the website. Or if you just want an honest review on a book, go to the website. I always read the company’s reviews of current bestsellers and then I flip to the list of romance novel reviews.


If you have a chance, check out the review of my novel at  and if you need a fun beach read, you can actually read my book for free on AmazonPrime. I’d love to read your review too.

Over 20,000 Readers in Four Days

With one day left on the free Kindle promotion of Shades of Gray, over 20,000 readers have ordered my book, pushing the novel to number one on Amazon’s Best Sellers lists in both Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. Thanks to all the readers out there who ordered my book!

Independent Review from

Michelle Humphrey recently read and reviewed Shades of Gray for The horror and mystery book examiner labeled the debut novel as a “must-read murder mystery.”

“This book is excellent from beginning to end and the mixture of mystery and romance will leave the reader wanting more,” said Humphrey. To read the complete review, click here.

The reviews are in!

Kirkus Reviews, an independent reviewing company, has published their review of Shades of Gray.   The goal of Kirkus is to provide an “accurate, authoritative review to consider before investing their time and money in a book.”  Here’s what they had to say about Shades of Gray:


In Sanders’ debut novel, renowned photographer Samantha Jennings loves her camera and solitude, but when she’s accused of murdering her lover, only the man who broke her heart 10 years earlier can save her.

Sanders’ romantic thriller leans more to the romance side of this hybrid-genre story, but the strong characters and story make this an enjoyable read from beginning to end. Samantha “Sam” Jennings records the world around her in her photography, but retreats to her dog and secluded beach home in South Carolina whenever possible. After having been accused of murdering her lover—in a crime of passion no less—she’s managed to elude press and police. But she ventures out of hiding to tell her side of the story, to let the judge know it’s all a big mistake, that she’d never kill her best friend, Ben. Sam’s courtroom appearance brings the press and a past she’s been trying to avoid for over 10 years; Caleb broke 17-year-old Sam’s heart one summer, and she’s been running away from him, and love, ever since. Now, he’s a famous attorney on the fast track to a promising political career—and the only man who can save Sam. She resists his help at first, but puts aside her pride and anger when she realizes Caleb will defend her as no other man can. As they try to find the real murderer to clear Sam, their passion rekindles, but the real murderer may separate them forever. This story oozes all the necessary passion of any good romance novel, a blend of deep betrayal and sensuality. The author keeps the story moving and the sweltering Southern romance hot. A few bumps in the logical progression of the mystery make the story a little less believable, but as a romance, the book hits all the right moments. Sanders also strikes a nice balance between the mystery and romance. Sometimes the story reads like it’s moving through a romance genre checklist, but the story slides by quickly thanks to Sanders’ strong writing.

The romance enthusiast won’t be disappointed with this novel that never skimps on passion or story.



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